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Our History

Because we know that experience matters.

D'PERU TEXTIL SAC is the result of a shared dream of two young entrepreneurs; Angelica is an embroidery lover of her native Huancayo and Victor is Ayacuchano by birth and “Cuzqueño of heart”. Victor, since childhood was surrounded by great master craftsmen from whom he learned the ancient weaving techniques in wool and alpaca fibers, techniques of a long tradition that are still in use today and transmitted from generation to generation. Both of whom have had many experience of working into the textile design world, textile production, export and customer service, but above all they share a passion for fabrics.

They started-up this project only with impetus and desire to realize their dreams supported in their youthful spirit, enthusiasm and inherited talents.

With a craft machine textile was thus began and their first manufactured and marketed products were alpaca accessories, providing work to housewives who were responsible in the finished fabrics. Further down the line, with the incorporation of “Dr. Beatriz” as a third shareholder, they could buy what became in their first industrial machine, and a little later, in 2010 was founded “D´PERU TEXTIL S.A.C.”, was placed, officially commencing a stage purely to weaving service.
In 2011 after much effort and sacrifice, it was given the opportunity to acquire more clothing industry machinery and equipment, needing to increase the area under production and creating more jobs inside the factory such as in the textile workshops who began working and training.

Furthermore, in this journey they found good people who collaborated in the growth and development of the company whom always will be grateful for how much contributed to this aim, but despite entrepreneurs faced with many adversities that every business brings, it was not an impediment to achieve the goal, but it must be another incentive to continue to reach the goals. Currently, the company developed and manufactured clothing of gender high quality flat-knitting to prestigious brands, such us own designs with ethnic themes that highlight Peruvian culture through trademark D'TEXTILE PERU.

We invite you to become a part of the DPT family and join us to continue weaving a path of continuous growth through fair trade, a responsible work of high quality in team, full of creativity and above all a lot of love for what we do.

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Our Vision


Short term

Accomplish solidity and recognition locally, national and international relying on quality experience, excellent team with which we have

Medium term

To be the exporter company of clothing knitwear most profitable in Peru and an indispensable strategic partner for each of our global customers.

Long term

To have our own chain of stores with presence in the national and international markets.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Produce and market ethically and responsibly way clothing made of high quality natural Peruvian fibers as alpaca and pima cotton with unique and sophisticated designs that provide comfort, coat and elegance to our current customers and potential with best quality and service level.

Our Principales / Values


We act with transparency and honesty.


We assume and fulfill our commitments.


We work together to achieve our goals


We work with inspiration and ingenuity.


We distinguish and reward the efforts of our partners.


We value and give good treatment to people, society and the environment.