Términos del servicio

Payment Methods

For orders placed in www.dperutextil.com

Once the articles of their preference have been added to the Shopping Bag, the client must register their data so that they can make the payment, which can be done in any of these modalities:

  • Payment with Credit / Debit Card.

 Payment with Credit / Debit Card

The products offered on this platform are safely sold. To provide this guarantee to the client, the Company has an agreement with an external provider of online payment services, with extensive experience and a presence in high-growth markets.

The data provided by the customer will be shared with the provider for the exclusive purpose of providing the service, which includes payment processing and transaction validation through an anti-fraud system, in order to minimize the risk of identity theft. cardholders.

By making payment using this method, the client authorizes the confidential treatment of the information by the provider. Personal, credit card and purchase data travel encrypted on the network, thus being protected.

The Company, on the other hand, is not responsible for the possible commissions that credit card operators may apply.

The credit / debit cards through which payment can be made are:

  •     VISA.
  •     Amex (American Express).
  •     MasterCard.
  •     Dinners

Before closing their purchase and having entered their personal and shipping details, the customer will enter their credit card details, in which the total amount supplied by the Platform will be charged.

The confirmation of the Purchase Order will be carried out once the corresponding instance verifies that the payment was actually made. For this, the company has a virtual account, provided by the payment system provider, through which it can consult in real time, the status of the transactions made by the client.

With the confirmation ready, the dispatch process begins, from which the term associated with the delivery method begins to run (Dispatch via courier)

In the event of any problem with the payment made, the client may contact the company.


The client is solely responsible for all taxes or other taxes that may occur.


Returns & Exchanges

It is a priority of the Company to offer products of excellent quality and a high level of service. Therefore, the Customer is empowered to request a change if he is not satisfied with his purchase. For which the client must make a formal request via email sales@dperutextil.com.

However, the Company reserves the right to accept or reject any of these requests depending on the particularities of the case under evaluation.

Whenever you need it, you can contact the company through the Customer Service Business Whatsapp +51 960 297 244 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.PERU)

For the purposes of this policy, change is understood as a request made by the customer, which aims to change a product for another of the D’PERÚ TEXTIL brand.

Garment changes may be accepted if there are:

  • Quality Problems (company responsibility): They include loss of color, bleeding, seam rupture, excessive pilling, etc.
  • Other Problems (unrelated to the company): They are involuntary errors of the client when choosing the type of garments, for example in regard to size, color or model.

The client will have a maximum period of 7 working days, counted from the date of receipt of the order, to submit his request for change via email sales@dperutextil.com

This will be viable as long as it is ensured that the product:

  •     Present sales slip.
  •     It has been acquired through the D’PERÚ TEXTIL E-Commerce platform.
  •     The garment is in perfect condition.
  •     It has the original packaging and labels.
  •     Show no signs of wear or damage.

The client,  must necessarily return the product (s) in perfect condition via Courier, to the address in Lima: Jiron Los Mirables Mz.L, Lote 47  Urb Los Jardines , District of San Juan de Lurigancho, Province and Department of Lima, Postal Code : 15419 (This shipment will be on behalf of the client)

The Company will not make any payment in cash or for balances in favor of the client.


 For the purposes of this policy, return is understood as a request made by the customer that aims to return the product for the amount paid.

Money refunds are not accepted.



In order for the shipment of the order placed in the D’PERÚ TEXTIL online store (dperutextil.com) to be carried out successfully, that is, in an appropriate and timely manner, the client must record the correct information when executing the Purchase Order.

The registration of erroneous or incomplete data that causes an improper processing will be the exclusive responsibility of the client. This could happen even in a cancellation of the order if the Company deems it appropriate.

The delivery period of the order is posted since the confirmation of the payment of the Purchase Order. The extension of this term will depend on:

  • Delivery address.
  • Delivery method

The D’PERÚ TEXTIL online store includes a form of delivery:


Most orders received before 12:00PM Est Will ship the same day, provided the product ordered is in stock.

Most orders received after 12:00PM Est Will ship the next business day. Orders are not processed or shipped on Saturday, sundas or Peruvian holidays.

Shipping implies different delivery times. The maximum time in working days that the order will take to arrive  is 7 business days.

The delivery period begins to run since the Company has validated the payment made through a credit / debit card.

We would appreciate to consider that on holiday season (Easter, National Holidays July 28th-29th, Christmas, New Year) and campaigns (Black Friday, Cyber Days, Cyber Monday, Online Sale), the delivery may take 3 or 4 business days more than usual (7 business days), due to the saturation of orders.

The order must be received by a person of legal age, who will identify himself with his Full Name and Identity Document in physical form and sign the reception charge to prove the delivery conformity.

The Company will continuously monitor the orders dispatched, in order to ensure that they arrive at their destination within the agreed time. However, the delivery may not materialize for any of the following situations:

  • The delivery address was not located because the registration in the Platform was carried out in an equivocal or incomplete manner.
  • No residents were found in the shipping address at the time of delivery.
  • Once informed of the inconvenience, the Company will contact the Client via email to make the rescheduling of the delivery date. The additional costs involved in this reprogramming will be borne by the client.

In case the client requires additional information about the delivery status of his order, he can contact the Company through email sales@dperutextil.com


This agreement and all rights and obligations of the parties therein shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Peru regardless of any possible conflict of legal provisions.

The parties hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Republic of Peru.