FALL WINTER 2020/2021

Inspired in our culture of the Andes, we develop collections of the highest quality made with natural fibers and exceptional hand-finished.

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D'PERÚ TEXTIL  has embraced the traditional, the innovative and the unexpected with the ambition to present fashion in a new light, that of respect for craftsmanship combined with the nobility of raw materials and design.

Our Main Materials


Alpacas  are one of the most beautiful South American Camelids. Alpacas have been prized for their fiber since Pre-Incan  times due to the properties and quality of their fiber.

With a population of 3,5 million in Perú, representing 85% of the world's total, the alpaca provides the main means of sustenance for thousands of families in the high Andes

Pima Cotton

Peruvian Pima cotton  became the best cotton in the world thanks to the excellent natural conditions of the fields in the north of Peru where it is handpicked to prevent damage to the fiber.

Pre-Inca cultures used it to make fabrics that to this day retain their properties. Their extra long staple length, results in unparalleled 


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Our #HandWoven Line
For a long time we have been working on this project of handmade pieces for the home such as our alpaca blankets.