The Creator

Victor leads the design and art direction process for D'PERÚ TEXTIL. He is Ayacuchano by birth and “Cuzqueño of heart”. Victor, since childhood was surrounded by great master craftsmen from whom he learned the ancient weaving techniques in wool and alpaca fibers, techniques of a long tradition that are still in use today and transmitted from generation to generation. He is inspired by nature’s authentic beauty, and the Peruvian universe collaborating with manufacturers who share her passion for natural, high-quality fabrics. Victor studied fashion design also Textile design at UNMS. Prior to co-founding D'PERÚ TEXTIL, he spent a decade development for the most important knitwear brands curating and helping in their grown up.

His passions; He like research about Peruvian tradition, weaving, love plants and pets - he's got 3 adorable pugs ¨ Otto, Lia and the puppy Pedrito¨.

 "Alpaca fiber is a mystical fiber that chooses the hands that will work it"...By Victor Pherez.

"Be proud of your roots and culture, there is our true essence" ...By Victor Pherez